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You Believe in a Win-Win Relationship Between You and Your Clients.

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We help you achieve it and keep it.

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Adaptive Portfolio Management


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At Canterbury, we partner with our advisor colleagues providing the support, knowledge, and tools to help achieve and manage win-win relationships.

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Advancements in new technologies have changed the investment landscape forever. With new technologies come new complexities. At Canterbury, we encourage investors to question all old theories, assumptions, and conventional wisdom when it comes to investing. 

Unlike traditional, fixed methods, we believe in an Adaptive approach-- one designed to take advantage of the unique possibilities that are now available. Today, we have all the tools needed to manage any market environment- Bull or Bear. 

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Through our unique and proprietary Portfolio Thermostat strategy, we seek to move in concert with everchanging market environments.

We focus on helping investors limit their exposure to volatility while having the potential for long-term growth. 

Explore the Canterbury portal for advisors and learn how we help you achieve and keep a Win-Win Relationship between you and your clients.

Advisor Portal Requires Special Access

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