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Public Education

The Canterbury Institute for Adaptive Portfolio Management recognizes the value of both academic and practical education.  The mission of the Canterbury Institute is to educate and inform the general public, as well as financial professionals, on the principles of Adaptive Portfolio Management.

The Canterbury Institute provides live and virtual public education on the principles of Adaptive Portfolio management.

At the Canterbury Institute, we question all beliefs, theories, and assumptions that have been widely accepted in investment management methodologies practiced over the last forty-plus years. Our classes empower investors with knowledge and facts that help you make better financial decisions.

Classes That Empower Investors
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Experienced and Knowledgable Instructors

Our Institute team has accumulated years of experience and training working with both retail investors and financial advisors.  Our instructors are well-published thought leaders throughout the investment management industry and have been featured in various media outlets.

In the Canterbury Institute's latest webinar, you will learn what it takes to be a successful investor.


  • Three Conventional Wisdoms in Investing

  • How do Markets Actually Work?

  • How to have a Successful Portfolio Management Program

Designed for those who have built up retirement assets and value financial literacy, but consider investing to be a burden, not a hobby. What do you need to know to be a successful investor?

What You Need to Know to be a Successful Investor

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