Canterbury takes an innovative, adaptive approach to portfolio management.

Advancements in new technologies have changed the investment landscape forever. With new technologies, come new complexities. At Canterbury, we encourage investors to question all old theories, assumptions, and conventional wisdoms when it comes to investing. Unlike traditional, fixed methods, we believe in an Adaptive approach-- one designed to take advantage of the unique possibilities that are now available. Today, we have all the tools needed to manage any market environment- Bull or Bear.

Who We Are

Canterbury was founded with a primary mission mind in mind- Solve the overriding question that has plagued investors since the inception of traded markets. That question is "How do I avoid the substantial declines that come from inevitable bear markets?

We are an independent investment advisory firm that provides investors with an all-encompassing portfolio management solution designed to preserve and protect from the volatile financial markets.  We are a team of professionals that pride ourselves on innovation, education, and client service.


We use the latest technology and proprietary research as a key aspect of our strategy’s design.


We help our clients understand what is important about the investment process.

Client Service

We want to know you, understand your goals, and help you succeed.

Our Services

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Our objective is to manage risk and deliver long-term growth through compounded returns. Through our unique and proprietary Portfolio Thermostat strategy, we seek to move in concert with everchanging market environments. We focus on helping investors limit their exposure to volatility, while having the potential for long-term growth.
Explore Our Strategy
The goal of most long-term investors is financial independence. Why is it that many fall short of this goal? Why do bear markets and volatility occur frequently and rapidly? How do stocks and companies behave differently? At Canterbury, we provide our community with one of the best investor education services, helping answer all questions relating to the financial markets.
The Canterbury Institute
Portfolio Management is a left-brain, systems-based activity. Financial Management is all about you- what you want, what your goals are, and what you wish to achieve. Canterbury takes an innovative approach to discovering you. We call this approach the Wealth Management Benchmark
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Canterbury employees are frequently published on notable websites such as the Nasdaq and ETF Trends. We are forward thinkers who take a different approach to answer “what is going on in the financial markets.” We regularly publish relevant, up-to-date market commentary to “keep you ahead of the curve.”
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