Canterbury operates on the central premise that the markets are always changing.

They go through bull periods and bear periods, volatility fluctuates, and securities switch from risky one moment to conservative the next. In a fluctuating market environment, you need a process that is as dynamic as the components involved. To temper the extremes and unpredictability of the markets, maintain portfolio volatility with the ease and effectiveness of a thermostat - the Portfolio Thermostat.

Who We Are

Canterbury Investment Management is an investment advisory firm specializing in providing financial advisers, institutional investors, and retirement professionals with systematic, evidence- and rules-based ETF management solutions. Our mission is to provide a strategy that produces the stability needed to achieve long-term risk-adjusted growth through compounded returns.


We use the latest technology as a key aspect of our strategy’s design.


Designed to be as sophisticated as the tools we use in order to best tackle the challenges/opportunities they create.


With variable markets, portfolio optimization is a moving target. We move to keep up with it.

Our Services

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Our objective is to deliver long-term risk-adjusted growth through compounded returns. Through our unique and proprietary Portfolio Thermostat strategy, we seek to manage and limit downside risk, preserving portfolio ability and potential to enjoy upside gains. We focus on assisting advisors to retain and acquire clients through a process that maintains client confidence.
Explore Our Strategy
With our easily accessible online Analytics program, professional advisors can apply our Portofolio Thermostat strategy to any of the over 170 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) within our universe. With the ability to view the analytics of our strategy, we provide transparency and integrity of process.
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At Canterbury, we recognize the value of both academic and practical knowledge. The mission of the Canterbury Institute is to create, test, evaluate, and apply knowledge in the fields of portfolio theory, investment management consulting, and evidence-based strategy. We welcome you to explore our online resources and learn more about our adviser training sessions.
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Add some fresh thinking into employer-sponsored retirement planning and explore the opportunity to maximize savings potential while deferring taxes. Learn more about how Cash Balance Plans (CBPs) can complement your overall retirement strategy.
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