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As a successful business owner, you have dedicated your time, efforts, and resources to building your business from the ground up.

When it finally comes time to sell or transition out of your business, the transition can create a large cash event and a substantial increase in the size of your investment portfolio. This event can also create new challenges.

Learn How Canterbury Assists Business Owners in Exiting Their Business and Managing New Risks.

A Need for Risk Management

Business owners are experts in managing the risks connected to their operations. They understand that a failure in risk management could jeopardize the survival of their business. 


With an investment portfolio, a failure in managing the risks associated with liquid financial securities can be equally catastrophic. There is a big difference between managing business risks and the risks connected with your investment portfolio.

Exit Planning

Canterbury partners directly with SCOPE to bring business owners the best exit planning strategies and education. As a member of the SCOPE faculty, we help plan, counsel, and execute the exiting of a business in the most successful way. 

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