About Us

About Us

Our Philosophy

Canterbury Investment Management sets out to offer financial advisers, institutional investors, and retirement professionals an out-of-the-box approach to money management. We recognize that although great leaps in technology have been made, the applications to take advantage of them continue to lag behind. Despite a rapidly changing and dynamic investment landscape, the most prevalent investment ideas remain the same. The question is – are they still applicable?

At Canterbury, our focus is to critically examine widely accepted beliefs, theories, and practices and evaluate their long-term efficiency. It is important to us here that we continually look for and develop the most optimal and efficient solutions.

Others may rely upon long-accepted concepts. We choose to rely upon the facts.

Firm History

Our Books

Canterbury's Strengths

  • An Evidence-Based Objective Strategy – The Portfolio Thermostat is Canterbury’s comprehensive, evidence- and rules-based system. We believe that validity can only exist alongside testable results, for only models with complete software systems that determine specific actions can make measurable claims of potential predictive value.

  • Educational Platform – In line with our commitment to critically examine traditional investment ideas, we produce weekly updates, videos, commentaries, and papers to share our insights with advisers and investors to better promote transparency and understanding.

  • Broad Access – Advisers and clients can now access our Portfolio Thermostat strategy as a separately managed account (SMA) or as a mutual fund.

Meet Our Team


Thomas L. Hardin, CMT, CFP®

Managing Director
Chief Investment Officer

Tom has a broad breadth of experience and knowledge, spanning more than 30 years in the investment management industry. He is known as a leader, innovator, and educator. Tom’s contributions to the emerging science of Evidence-Based ETF Portfolio Strategy have been substantial and are well documented.

Tom received his bachelor’s degree in business from Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York. He began his investment career in 1977 as a Registered Representative of a New York stock exchange firm. From 1982 through 1985, he served as a Regional Director of EF Hutton’s Personal Financial Management Department, where he directed the financial and investment planning efforts of 32 branch offices. During that time, he worked with some of the firm’s highest income and net worth clients.

He moved to Hutton’s Consulting Group in 1985 and earned the firm’s highest investment consulting designation. Tom then moved to one of EF Hutton’s discretionary investment management divisions, Hutton Portfolio Management, in 1987. His advancements continued through several corporate mergers. He served as a Senior Vice President and Senior Portfolio Management Director for Citigroup and Smith Barney’s Portfolio Management Group.

In 2003, he co-founded Canterbury Investment Management and later the Canterbury Institute for Evidence-Based ETF Portfolio Strategy and Canterbury ETF Research Analytics.

Over the years, Tom has been a guest lecturer at various colleges and universities throughout Indiana and a frequent speaker at financial service and investment industry symposiums. His list of publications include white papers and journal articles, and he has authored two books, most recently Investor Revolution, which outlines how advancements in information technology have led to revolutionary changes in portfolio and risk management.

His credentials include:

  • The University of Chicago Graduate School of Business – Certification in Portfolio Management
  • Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®), 1982
  • Certified Portfolio Manager through Hutton Portfolio Management, 1987
  • Senior Portfolio Management Director, Portfolio Management Group, 1993
  • Senior Investment Management Consultant, Consulting Group, 1994
  • Chartered Market Technician (CMT), Market Technicians Association, 1997

Kimberly J. Custer, CMT

Managing Director
Chief Portfolio Strategist

Kim is a co-founder of Canterbury Investment Management. As Chief Investment Strategist, Kim oversees and coordinates all aspects of Canterbury’s investment strategy. She has a wide breadth of knowledge and experience in global markets and sector and security analysis. Today, the ever-changing market environment requires an equally dynamic process to make adjustments in investing strategy. Kim is responsible for the coordination of the firm’s investment strategy with each client’s investment objectives and the timely execution of all portfolio adjustments.

Originally from Wabash, Indiana, Kim earned a bachelor’s degree in financial counseling and planning from Purdue University, where she completed all of the prerequisites for the Certified Financial Planner designation. After graduation, she began her career in the financial services industry with a New York stock exchange firm. Kim later joined Smith Barney’s Portfolio Management Group (PMG). During that time, she and PMG’s Senior Portfolio Management Director worked together to manage portfolios for high net worth clients.

Kim holds a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation, which is the premier designation in technical market analysis. She is a Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, a designation earned through the College for Financial Planning in Denver, Colorado. Kim completed the two-year certified client-centered advisor program through American Business Visions in Santa Ana, California.

Kim is a member of the Market Technician’s Association. She is a frequent guest lecturer at Purdue University’s School of Consumer Science, where she discusses revolutionary advancements and the future of the investment management industry. Kim has over 16 years of experience in securities analysis, portfolio management, and compliance.

Brandon Bischof, CMT

Vice President
Portfolio Strategy

Brandon graduated Magna Cum Laude from Xavier University with a B.S.B.A concentrated in Finance. Prior to joining the team full time, he worked as in intern at Canterbury. Brandon quickly established himself as a thought leader and innovator. Canterbury’s Chief Investment Officer recognized his unique critical thinking and problem-solving skills. As a result, he was assigned to work exclusively with Tom Hardin and Kim Custer who direct all portfolio management activities and strategy development.

Brandon is directly responsible for managing the Canterbury Analytics Group (CAG).  Canterbury has a unique philosophy that embraces the digital revolution as a tool to create “innovative disruption” within the portfolio management industry.  The Canterbury Analytics Group develops sophisticated applications to manage the complexities created by advanced technology and innovative products. 
Brandon, along with Tom Hardin, co-head a team that is comprised of some of the brightest young innovators from the millennial generation, combining market experience with new age innovation. Canterbury Analytic’s motto is to question all previous portfolio theories and to challenge “conventional wisdom” in the light of the digital evolution. The group’s mission is to revolutionize portfolio management.
To date, Canterbury Analytics Group has played an important role in advancing portfolio management from a loose art form based on subjectivity and obsolete assumptions to an adaptive process with scientific rules and methods capable of providing evidence based results and statistically relevant value add results. Brandon and his team have played a significant role in building Canterbury’s Adaptive Portfolio Strategy.
Brandon is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT) and is a member of the Market Technicians Association.

Steve Kyburz, QPA, QKA

Managing Director
Retirement Plan Services


Steve graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Financial Planning. Steve holds the QPA (Qualified Plan Administrator) and QKA (Qualified 401(k) Administrator) designations through ASPPA (American Society of Pension Professionals & Actuaries) and is a member of NAACI (National Association of Actuaries & Consultants, Inc.), an exclusive 35 member group consisting of pension TPA business owners and ERISA attorneys.

Through his passion for helping businesses and business owners meet their tax deductible and retirement planning objectives, Steve has worked in the pension industry since 1988, now focusing on advanced retirement plan design and administration.

The retirement business has allowed Steve to utilize his attention to detail and his ability to effectively communicate with clients and staff. His number one business goal is to provide outstanding service to the client. Steve believes that this can be accomplished with three thoughts in mind: 1) Communication – defining the clients’ needs and objectives by asking the appropriate questions; 2) Implementation – matching the plan design with the clients’ objectives and; 3) Management – periodic client reviews and effective tools that yield the most cost-efficient and highest level of customer service.