Canterbury Portfolio Thermostat

Canterbury Portfolio Thermostat

A philosophy driven by the need to manage risk rather than chase returns...

All long-term investors have the same goal: we want to build and maintain our financial independence. 
The past has shown us that market fluctuations occur rapidly and can be unpredictable, often causing investors to lose the reigns of control.  Even the most diversified portfolio has felt the impact of a bear market.

At Canterbury, we see things differently and apply an innovative approach to portfolio management. 

The Canterbury Portfolio Thermostat

Markets and Weather have a lot in common.  Both will experience a wide range of fluctuations.  Just like in markets, extreme weather conditions can be devasting.  To adapt with dynamic outdoor temperatures, your home uses a thermostat to maintain a comfortable environment indoors.  What if your portfolio worked like a thermostat?

The Canterbury Portfolio Thermostat is an adaptive portfolio strategy designed to move in concert with changing market environments- Bull or Bear.

The problem has always been that markets are dynamic, but most investment portfolios are fixed, and often become a reflection of the various market environments.  The Portfolio Thermostat is an evidence-based system that can adjust both its holdings and allocations to keep your portfolio comfortable and limit declines.

The Canterbury Portfolio Thermostat is designed for those who to compound returns and limit their risk in the financial markets.  With the Portfolio Thermostat, have more control, and less fear, more evidence, and more security.

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