The Fund seeks long-term risk-adjusted growth through compounded returns.


Markets are variable, shifting constantly from one distinct environment to another, much the way the weather does. There are often periods of calm but also periods of turbulence. In order to produce stability, where there is variability, there needs to be a systematic process to manage the outcome. To manage variable weather conditions, we use a thermostat process to maintain indoor temperature to a comfortable level. Likewise, Canterbury believes a portfolio, operating in a variable markets, needs its own thermostat – a systematic process that responds and adjusts to the broader market environment to produce stability in portfolio volatility.


The Fund follows the Portfolio Thermostat strategy, a comprehensive portfolio management strategy, designed to create and maintain optimal portfolio efficiency through dynamic and ever-changing market environments.

The Thermostat works by classifying variable market conditions into categories called Market States, of which there are 12 that each exhibit unique characteristics. The Thermostat methodology adjusts its holdings in order to adapt to shifts in market conditions. Through systematic rotation, the portfolio looks to limit risk to normal fluctuations and avoid substantial declines, regardless of the broader market environment. By protecting the portfolio’s potential to generate compounded returns in any market condition, the Thermostat strategy has the potential to benefit from any market environment – bull or bear.

For more information on our strategy, please refer to the Prospectus.