Market is short term overbought but Advance/Decline line still shows Bull Market

Market is short term overbought but Advance/Decline line still shows Bull Market

Posted on July 11, 2011

Stocks typically fall faster than they rise. That was not the case in the second quarter. Stocks declined nearly every week from May until late June. Then during the last week of June and first week of July we experienced a sudden reverse erasing most of the eight weeks of losses.

After Friday’s dismal employment numbers were released, we learned two things: economists are not very good at making predictions (especially about the future) and the market didn’t want to go down. There was every reason for the market to fall hard on Friday, yet the Dow only closed down 62 points.

According to our indicators, the market has become extremely overbought (gone up too far, too fast). Currently, our proprietary volatility indicators are still Bullish. The Advance Decline Line, calculated on the S&P 1500 stocks, reached a new 2011 high on Thursday, meaning that the breadth of the market continues to be very strong.

The market is due for a short term pullback. That said, we continue to be Bullish and will likely buy on dips and maintain a higher than average percentage in stock.

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