Financial Planning

Financial Planning

What do you think of when hear the words financial plan?

​In most cases, financial planning can sound like a daunting and exhausting task.  You gather up all of your financial documents—budgets, tax returns, wills, trust agreements, insurance policies, etc.  You then haul it to your advisor’s office, where you spend another several hours filling out questionnaires.  The end result is a thick financial plan that includes a host of computer-generated projections and a probability of whether or not your plan will lead to your end goal: financial independence.
If you’re like most people, you probably file your financial plan away and take it out a few years later, only to learn that very little, if any of it, is still relevant.  Life changes and long-term projections about the financial markets and government policy don’t often work out.
Traditional financial planning has a fatal flaw. It is driven by a dated set of assumptions about the future. So, what can you do about it?


The Wealth Management Benchmark

At Canterbury, we take a unique and comprehensive approach to financial planning. Our process focuses on you, your goals, and where you ultimately want to go. Financial planning is a right brain activity—one that helps create a clear and compelling vision of what you want.
We call this process the Wealth Management Benchmark.

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Invest to Achieve and Maintain Financial Independence

The success of the financial plan is driven by the investment process. Unlike financial planning, investment management is a left-brain, systems-based activity.

All long-term investors have the same goal: to become, and more importantly remain, financially independent.  To meet the goals of the financial plan, we do not rely on the traditional, standardized approach of assigning you a “risk label” or “age-based” investment portfolio. We all know that markets can be volatile, and unpredictable, taking the reigns of control out your hands and cause your financial plan to fail. At Canterbury, we employ an adaptive approach to investment management. Our process is designed to preserve and protect your portfolio’s assets during volatile, bear markets, and compound your investment growth. We call this process the Canterbury Portfolio Thermostat.
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The Canterbury Portfolio Thermostat is an evidence-based portfolio strategy designed to temper the extremes and unpredictability of the markets. Rather than employing a fixed asset allocation and diversification, that often becomes a reflection of a volatile market, the Portfolio Thermostat actively manages security selection, asset allocation, and diversification to move in concert with ever-changing market environments. Our clients have worked hard to earn their money and build wealth.  Our goal is to protect it.