Exploratory Discussion

Exploratory Discussion

The Canterbury Introductory Process begins with an Exploratory Discussion with our Chief Investment Officer. The Exploratory Discussion is designed to give you an opportunity to ask questions, discuss past investment experiences, beliefs and future goals. In turn, we will give an overview of our philosophies and investment management process. We will then decide about a follow up meeting to discuss the specifics about how we may be able to help you. 

Exploratory Discussion:

  • Conversation with our Chief Investment Officer by phone or personal meeting.
  • Discuss your past experiences, basic philosophies and your future expectations.
  • Review Canterbury's proprietary investment and risk management process.
  • Make decision about a follow up visit.

The Exploratory Discussion can either be a meeting or a phone call, whichever you prefer.

There is absolutely no cost or obligation for the Exploratory Discussion or follow up visits.
Tom Hardin, CMT, CFP
Managing Director
Chief Investment Officer

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