Exploratory Discussion and Introductory Process (continued)

Exploratory Discussion and Introductory Process (continued)

The Introductory Process consists of two working sessions with our Chief Investment Officer. You will learn about many of the revolutionary breakthroughs discussed in our book, INVESTOR REVOLUTION. For example, we will discuss how Canterburyís Portfolio Thermostat can be used to help manage volatility and risk within your personal comfort range.

Those who may be looking for new investment manager, or a second opinion, will benefit from participating in our Introductory Process.

The Canterbury Introductory Process First Session:

  • Discuss revolutionary developments in investment and risk management.
  • Participate in our customized Investor Education Program and learn how the Portfolio Thermostat investment management process works.
  • Discussion/interview with our Chief Investment Officer to begin the creation of a written Custom Investment Strategy.

Wrap-Up Session:

  • Discuss and fine tune your written Custom Investment Strategy.
  • Make observations about what we have learned from the process and draw conclusions
  • Discuss how your Custom Investment Strategy can be used to help guide you and your Portfolio Manager through a successful long term investment management program.

Even those participants, who learned they were not a fit with Canterbury, have found our Introductory Process to be a valuable learning experience. Again, there is no cost or obligation for the Canterbury Exploratory Discussion or Introductory process. "A customized process requires a relationship between the client and portfolio manager. Long term success is built on good communication and a clear understanding of each individualís wants needs and goals. True customization is not an end result but a never ending process."

- Tom Hardin

Please contact us to schedule your appointment for your Exploratory Discussion. Clicking here or call 317-732-2075.