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Wealth Management Benchmark
Welcome to the Wealth Management Benchmark, a comprehensive guide designed to assess your goals, their current level of completeness, and what your next steps should be. During this assessment, your advisor expert will walk you through a series of questions discussing different aspects of your life.

Each section contains a set of questions which you will be asked to measure on importance, current level of completeness, and urgency to complete. You will measure these areas on a scale of 1-5. A rating of "5" in importance will say that the area being addressed is "highly important"; a rating of "5" in completeness will suggest that the area has already been completed and does not have any further steps; a rating of "5" in Timing will suggest that this is an area that is urgent to be addressed.

At the conclusion of the WMB Process, you and your advisor expert will discuss the areas of your life that you deemed most important, and develop strategies to complete your next steps to financial independence.