The Trading Range is Getting Even Tighter Yet

The Trading Range is Getting Even Tighter Yet

Posted on August 03, 2015

Canterbury Weekly Update

August 3, 2015


Market State 2 (5 Days): Long term: Bullish – Short Term: Bullish/Neutral.


Canterbury Volatility Index (CVI): CVI 57 - The market’s volatility remained the same as the previous week’s CVI 57. Our data shows that the systemic (market-specific) risk has been limited to a normal market pullback, which is a correction of -5% to -10% during Bull Market States 1 through 5 when volatility is at CVI 75 or lower.


The Overbought/Oversold indicator is now 77% Overbought condition (short-term bearish side of neutral). Last weeks mini stock rally was responsible for the 15 point increase in the market’s Overbought condition from 62% Overbought a week ago. The S&P 500 is now in the upper half of its trading range (slightly extended).


Market Update:

Last week closed out July on a strong note. The S&P 500 was up 1.2% for the week and up 2.10% for the month. The Dow was up 0.7% last week and is up 0.52% for July. Year to date the S&P 500 is up +2.2% while the Dow is down -0.7%. The 20 year Treasury bond ETF (TLT) is down -1.75% and US Oil -22.32% year to date.

Source: Orion, Morningstar, Bloomberg.


Below is a longer term view of the S&P 500. Each bar represents one week’s trading instead of one day. The weekly chart shows less market noise. The trading range, that has been in place for most of the year is clearly a different market environment from last year and 2013 when the S&P 500 was in a steady uptrend with successive higher highs in price and higher lows.


You can see the narrow gap between the 10 week (blue line) and 40 week (red line) moving averages. The two lines continue to converge. The volatility is also low as can be seen from the tight trading range.



Bottom Line:

For now, the bulls still have the ball. Narrow trading ranges are typically resolved by a decisive break one way or the other. Things should begin to liven up soon.

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