Introductory Process

Introductory Process

At Canterbury Investment Management, we know that choosing an investment manager is one of the most important decisions youíll ever make. Thatís why we created the Canterbury Introductory Process. This is a series of meetings designed to allow us to get to know each other. You have an opportunity to experience how we work, and we get to know you and your interests.

Because value long-term, win-win relationships, we invite potential clients to go through a process before making any commitments. There is no cost or obligation involved in our Exploratory Meeting.

Exploratory Meeting

  • General discussion
  • Explore individual wants, needs, experiences, concerns and goals
  • Review Canterburyís processes, services and fee structure
  • Make decision about continuing the Introductory Process


People looking for a new investment manager or a second opinion have found our exploratory meeting and introductory process to be useful in helping them learn what approach is best for them. Even those who ultimately were not a fit with Canterbury found our process to be a good experience. Our exploratory process is just what it says-an introduction. There is absolutely no cost or obligation.

Please contact us by clicking here or at 317.732.2075 to schedule an appointment for your Exploratory Meeting.

We will mail you our introductory materials immediately. These materials include an autographed copy of our book Investor Revolution!, a CD, brochure and an article profiling Canterbury Investment Management.