The Wealth Management Benchmark®

The Wealth Management Benchmark®

Canterbury Investment Management

The Wealth Management Benchmark (WMB) provides a means to prioritize and manage all aspects of personal wealth. The WMB is an ongoing process that turns outdated financial planning into a coaching process. Investors take ownership of getting results in six personal wealth management areas. Click here to open a sample WMB that you can use now without any further delay!.

The S-Curve

An S-curve (also known as a logistic curve) is used frequently in Investor Revolution! to illustrate three phases: innovation, growth, and maturity. Tom applies this graph to history, business and population with some amazing results. We encourage you to experiment with the ideas in this book. Click here to open a copy of a blank S-curve graph. Print it and fill in the dates to apply it to any area of your life or business.

If you want to make this a revolutionary exercise, print out three copies of the S-curve graph. Read the beginning of Chapter 3 and then follow the ages model on page 37 in the book to see where the time line overlaps with technology and progress. This will show you where your opportunity lies.