Investor Education Program

Investor Education Program

Canterbury Investment Management

One step in developing a framework of clear communication is our Investor Education Program (IEP). Each prospective client participates in a one-on-one educational experience with the portfolio manager. The IEP is not a group class or seminar. We teach the basic principles of investing and risk management. The IEP was created to be interactive and leads to a clear understanding of sound investment management principles.

The Investor Education Program is not designed to make you an investment expert. A customized investment process can only exist when the investor and portfolio manager are on the same page and are speaking the same language. The IEP facilitates clear communication.

Risk management is critical in portfolio management in order to achieve successful lifelong results. Through the IEP, we discuss the various risks that need to be managed or avoided. Risk resulting from market volatility gets special attention. There are many opportunities to make money in the market—the key is to avoid large drops in one's portfolio during volatile market periods. Many investors don't realize that one 50% drop requires a 100% gain simply to get back to even. Canterbury Investment Management employs a proprietary tool to manage—and many times benefit from—market volatility, our Portfolio Thermostat.

The Investor Education Program is an easy and enjoyable process for learning some of the most important aspects of successful investing. Here are a few of the topics:

  • Understanding Investment Risk and Market Psychology
  • Common Myths about Investing
  • Investment Terminology
  • Flaws in Traditional Investment Management Approaches
  • Fundamentals of Portfolio Management
  • Using Your Current Investment Portfolio as a Case Study

By going through the program together, the investor and portfolio manager can move to the next important step. This process will lead to constructing a clearly articulated Custom Investment Strategy.